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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Locked out in Ryde

Locked out in Ryde? Buffalo Locksmiths are your Ryde locksmiths. With a shop on the corner of Buffalo rd and Princes st in Ryde we are your friendly, local locksmith business.
Being locked out is a horrible feeling. It happens to all of us at some stage. The best thing to do is to remain calm and call your local locksmith in Ryde.
In most cases we can have a locksmith at your door to open it for you within the hour.
Locked out at night? We have a 24 hour service. Just call our shop number and you will be diverted free of charge to a locksmith on after hours duty.

Christmas Guests in your home

Are you having people come to stay with you over Christmas? Don’t forget the keys?
There are a number of solutions to ensure everybody is happy.

– Install a key safe- a small box that is bolted onto your home or garage and can be accessed by a code to unlock a key to your home. Great as you don’t kneed to carry the key around all day, just let your visitors know the code and they can have access to a house key when they require. The code can be changed to one you can all remember.

– Purchase a digital lock and never have to use a key to your house again.

– A Restricted key system- know your keys will not be able to be duplicated without your written consent, Know how many keys there are for your home, restrict areas of your home.

If you prefer to give your guests a standard key, come in store to get some copies cut today!

You can also keep guests out of certain rooms in your home, we can install privacy sets to bedroom doors and locks on draws or cupboards.
Don’t forget the bathroom door lock! nothing worse than walking in on someone in the bathroom!

Call us today for a free quote, or more information. ph. 9809 0294

Garage and Shed security

Often we make sure our homes are secure but may forget about securing our Garage or Shed.
Tools and ladders may also be used to break into your home if not locked away.
Garages can often house some of our most expensive goods like tools, fishing gear, golf clubs, bikes, surf boards, gym equipment and the list goes on.
Talk to us about how best to secure your garage or shed.
We have a wide range of locks that can be installed on garages and sheds, including ADI bolts, Len Lock, Carbine, rite fit, xtra lock, Lockwood and lock focus.
Call 9809 0294 for a Free Quote.

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