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Letterbox locks

We have a new promotion! With any high security letterbox lock installed receive a FREE key ring light. Very handy when you are trying to find your letterbox in the dark to get your mail out!. Or if your like me and have had a spider in your letterbox, I never wont to put my hand in the letterbox without having a look inside first!

The high security letterbox locks are a must. It is so simple for people to break into your regular post box lock. There is an override key that some organised crims have that can simply open any normal mail box lock. So as long as it takes you to open your mail box with the key, that is how long it takes the criminals.

Why should you protect your Mail?

– Identity theft is on the rise

– New credit cards being sent in the mail

– Gifts or orders from online shopping

The list goes on.

With a high security letterbox lock there is no override key available, lock can not be forced open with a screw driver or scissors and they are extremely hard to pick.

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