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Lost Keys

If you have lost your keys it is so frustrating! Looking high and low, the worst feeling is not knowing where they are or who has them.

If you can’t find them, give us a call and we can come and make new keys to your locks or cut a new set from another set.

Kids are good at hiding keys! We went away last year for a long weekend and packed up the car to go home and could not find the keys any were. I swear i had put them on the kitchen bench inside the house we were staying in but could not find them. We unpacked the hole car in the rain! looked through bags, in the garden, all through the house, in the bin, everywhere. Lost! Lucky my husband had a spare key to the car so we could get home. I called the owners of the house and told them we had lost our keys to keep an eye out for them. They found them when cleaning in a corner behind a plant. Ends up my little girl hid them there. Thankfully we had a spare car key!

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