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Letterbox Locks

We can supply and install high security letter box locks.

  • No over ride key
  • Very Hard to pick
  • Can not be forced open with a screw driver or scissors
  • Stop crime gangs from stealing your mail
  • Stop identity theft

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Easter Long Weekend

Lock up well if your going away. Remember little things like leaving a light on, locking windows, deadlocking your doors, locking your garage. If you have a side gate it also helps to lock gates so potential intruders can not wonder around your house easily and don’t forget to turn the alarm on. Then you can rest easy and have a great long weekend! Enjoy.


Lost Keys

If you have lost your keys it is so frustrating! Looking high and low, the worst feeling is not knowing where they are or who has them.

If you can’t find them, give us a call and we can come and make new keys to your locks or cut a new set from another set.

Kids are good at hiding keys! We went away last year for a long weekend and packed up the car to go home and could not find the keys any were. I swear i had put them on the kitchen bench inside the house we were staying in but could not find them. We unpacked the hole car in the rain! looked through bags, in the garden, all through the house, in the bin, everywhere. Lost! Lucky my husband had a spare key to the car so we could get home. I called the owners of the house and told them we had lost our keys to keep an eye out for them. They found them when cleaning in a corner behind a plant. Ends up my little girl hid them there. Thankfully we had a spare car key!

Hot day

Feeling the heat as Sydney reaches 44 degrease Celsius. A common problem in the heat can be the car ignitions in some cars start to melt. No Joke! If you are finding your car key hard to turn in your ignition and we have had hot weather this could be happening to your car. Give us a call before you can’t drive the car. We can replace the ignition barrel before you need to get your car towed or get stuck somewhere.

Happy New Year

One of our customers in Berowra came home new years day to find her dogs locked in her garage with no water on a hot day. Thankfully they were ok! Puzzled about how they got in she left them again inside the house the next day when she went out, only to find them out with the front door open on her return. To her amazement one of the two dogs had jumped up and opened the door. This is how they had got locked in the garage, they had jumped up and opened the internal garage door and then gone into the garage and the door had shut behind them.

By changing the door handles for her and making some other modifications, those doggies wont be able to open all the doors and will be safe.

Locked Out?

If your locked out, give us a call, we can let you in without damaging your locks in most cases, and we have seen it all! Naked hiding in a fire cabinet, towel and rollers in your hair, locked on your balcony, the list goes on. Call us on 9809 294 any time of day.

7 Minutes!

According to Lance Leroux (MLAA member and author of Security on Shoe String) seven minutes is the average amount of time a criminal will spend on your property committing the crime. It can take only minutes for a crook to slide open a window, kick in a door, rummage through your possessions and leave. Seven minutes can be a long time for someone to decide what to steal.

Quote from MLAA web sight.

Happy Holidays

Make sure you have a happy holiday knowing that your house or unit is safe and secure when your away or just out enjoying Christmas festivities.

Unfortunately break and enters are common around the Christmas and new year period.

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