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Buffalo Locksmiths can rekey your locks instead of changing the complete lock, saving you money. Our locksmith can pull apart your lock and change the pins inside to stop the old keys working and repin the lock to a new key combination, stopping the old keys from working. The method of rekeying a lock can be done to 90% of locks in the market, saving you money and the time of purchasing new locks.


Locks Keyed Alike (On the same Key)

Keying your locks alike is a great way to slim down that already bulky key ring. In most cases we can make it so that you only need the one key for your home, Business, Office, etc.


Master Keying

Master keying can be achieved through a restricted key system or to most standard home security locks. This allows you to set up different access levels. From 2 different keys for the one lock, to several keys working in a lock, we can configure keys to suit your requirements.

A scenario, for example, could be a home owner with a gardener, pool cleaner & house cleaner. Keys can be made for each person as follows:
Home owner – Access to all locks (can access all locks)
Gardener – Access front gate, side gate and shed
Pool Cleaner – Access front gate, side gate and pool pump room
House Cleaner – Access front gate, laundry door


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