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Buffalo Locksmiths have many years’ experience when it comes to safes. Safes are a great way of storing your valuables, electronic equipment (camera, iPad, phone, etc), paper documents/passports or data.

Our skilled staff at Buffalo Locksmiths can help you make the correct choice of Safe by asking the following questions:

1. What type of safe do I need?

  • Does the safe need to be fire resistant and theft proof?
  • Theft Only
  • Fire Resistant
  • Data (Fire Resistant)

2. What size of safe do I need?

  • It is always a good idea to go slightly larger than you need at this moment as you will possibly find when you start to use your safe that you will need more room for extra things you have purchased or inherited over time.
  • Measure the size of where you would like to install the safe.

3. What value amount am I protecting?

  • You wouldn’t put $1000 in Basic Hardware Safe so why put jewellery worth $50,000 in a safe that is built for holding $5000. That’s why most of our safes come with an Insurable Recommended Rating. This rating is a guide for what value amount this Safe should be holding for example $10,000 IRR would mean that that safe is for holding up to $1000 Cash Overnight holding.
  • The holding values are determined by how the body of the safe is constructed, how the door and bolt work are constructed, hard plate steel, relockers, anti oxy or lance protection, drill protection, etc.

4. What type of locking do I need?

  • The majority of safe locks Buffalo Locksmiths sell are high security Lever Safe Locks, Combination Locks, Digital Code Pad Locks or Biometric Locks (Fingerprint).
  • Remember: Just because a safe has both a key and a combination dial/digital lock does not mean that it is more secure. To secure your possessions, it is preferable that one high security lock is used rather than two poorly made locks.

Our team is always happy to explain the difference between safes over the phone or in our Showroom. We stock a large range of safes and can quickly order anything we may not already have in stock.


Safe/Vault Door Repairs & Servicing

We strongly recommend you are proactive with your safe. Regular servicing and repairing is essential to maintain your peace of mind and security.


Safe/Vault Door Code/Lock Changes

Need to change the code to your safe? We can help. Call us now!


Safe Opening

  • Lost the code?
  • Safe won’t open?
  • Safe lock broken?

Then call Buffalo Locksmiths Safe Technicians to help you out. With many years of knowledge in safes we can help you out with your safe needs.


Safe Restoration

Buffalo Locksmiths can help you with your old or antique safe. Your safe may just need a little TLC to bring it back to life or a full restoration.

Call Buffalo Locksmiths today on 1300 661 638 for a free quote.

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